EV Project Management Group

Project Management

EV manufacturing businesses in the US are experiencing a massive shortage of qualified labor and great managers are increasingly difficult to find and retain. Our range of Managers are unique and well qualified for a variety of rolls from short term oversight of employees or contractors to permanent turn-key contracts that you are responsible for delivering to your customers. We are practiced at branding our team in many ways. We can even brand our team in your clothing and logos and your client will never know that there is a middleman handling the details for you. We learn, or guide, your company policies to fit the situation on the ground where the work is being performed. We can handle any or all duties you require, from Engineering through Permitting, and anything from Purchasing support through Manufacturing to Construction, Detail Installation and Commissioning of your systems. We maintain a secure, Microsoft information exchange system to confidentially manage and control documentation as needed. Let Tricertus handle the day-by-day details of managing projects so that your staff can focus on sales and the strategic needs of your business overall. Sometimes, projects extend or get delayed by factors beyond your initial scope of work. We can help negotiate proper commercial terms or supply people to take-over if you have already scheduled your internal management staff to move to other projects.

The following is a detailed list of areas we have helped other clients like you achieve their goals:

  • Contract negotiation or review and markup for risk reduction
  • Upselling additional business
  • Local small tools procurement
  • Local supplier negotiation and procurement for missing fasteners and hardware as needed
  • Housing and meal prep services
  • Rental vehicles that are a little cheaper and much more flexible than you will find anywhere
  • Rental equipment coordination
  • Shipping and logistics tracking and expediting
  • Contractor negotiations, bidding and evaluation
  • Project deliverable and Scope of Work negotiation with client on your behalf, alongside you
  • Side by side translation support for important meetings with clients and contractors
  • Site delay documentation and contract relief negotiations
  • Keeping track of the pulse of the client
  • Know what the client is not telling you and know what the workforce around you is telling you
  • Project tracking and reporting, both internal and external

Site Management

Per Statista and the US Chamber of Commerce, 90% of all US General Contractors worry they will not be able to attract enough of the 10.2 million construction workers available for their projects to achieve their goals. If your team is spread thin like so many others are, Tricertus can reduce your burden. Our Managers have the broad experience needed to handle the minute-by-minute problems and challenges encountered every single day at a construction site or factory floor. If you need local support for site preparation, on-going operations, shutdown periods, general operations, or after-installation services, we have managed them all in North America.

Listed here are examples of services provided under our banner and others:

  • Site prep for office trailers, waste removal, fuel, and water supply
  • Coordination with client for power supply, laydown area, parking management
  • Site security and access management with client site specific requirements
  • Rental equipment site load/offload, on-rent/off-rent tracking
  • Daily team coordination and oversight of safety, progress, and documentation
  • Contractor progress
  • Construction progress
  • Client updating and reporting
  • Client liaison and problem solving
  • Running blocker as needed when you need time to think, plan and react
  • Gopher service, running parts, figuring out equivalents and tying up loose ends with documentation or needed paperwork
  • Accident mitigation with client

Installation Management

Installs are a special challenge within the overall scope of a project. Contractors come and go. Clients change their scope of work. Finance never wants to pay for extras. Shipments are late. Parts get broken or lost. Local partners cannot react quickly or cheaply enough. Penalties must be negotiated on all sides. Compromises have to be weighed against their benefits. All these and more occur many times a day, sometimes all at once in the same hour. We have enough experience and internal support within the greater Tricertus ecosystem to handle the strain of this workload without breaking. It never stops, and neither do we.

Let Tricertus help you with:

  • Contractor scope
  • Managing Installer’s Progress
  • Active and constant feedback with Installer’s concerns
  • Install problem investigation with expert eyes
  • Local or national parts repairs expediting and tracking when parts get damaged onsite
  • Emergency project support
  • Design review and feedback for future projects
  • Client/Home office

Safety Management

Accidents have a human cost that adds up long after the initial cash is paid out. Accidents occur when real hazards are: 1.) Not evaluated beyond the regular checkboxes. 2.) Planned for longer than it takes to fill out the same form that has been filled out the same way for years. 3.) Step back and repeat the first two steps when the task being performed changes, or the needs of the day change after start of shift. Our Safety systems and processes give simple to use tools to the people doing the work throughout the day. We turn the sometimes-confusing OSHA regulations into clear, actionable steps to be taken. Each site is different, and the working environment and local attitudes can vary radically. Safety can even stretch as far as having to consider personal safety in high-crime vs secure cities, start-up vs. legacy businesses and union vs non-union vs mixed workforce jobsites.

  • Accident investigation
  • Contractor corrective action planning, development, tracking and follow up as needed
  • Employee health screening and testing or coordination as required
  • OSHA rules interpretation
  • Worksite safety audits and reporting
  • Equipment program documentation
  • Customized Safety Documentation
  • Interface with your client’s safety management and ensure client’s satisfaction with your safety effort

Design Management

Every client likes to hear the words "turn-key", "quality" and "partnership", but rarely are they good at drawing a line between their responsibility for equipment effectiveness and yours when their own operations are not managed well internally. If included early enough in the design phase, we are good at making sure that deliverables are defined well enough in the contract to protect your design intent. This minimizes exposure to extra support costs when the client uses the equipment differently than it was designed for. Our Engineering Managers are capable of overseeing and guiding designers, mechanical engineers and controls engineers on the true useability and longevity of existing designs while also being able to offer suggestions for improved designs that will earn extra money from your clients for developing. For those special cases when turn-around time is more important than total cost, we can modify existing designs to be able to be made locally cheaper and faster than the original design. Changing or retrofitting pre-made designs to satisfy OSHA or client safety requirements after shipping or installation has started, is much more expensive than modifying the design before it is made. Having people on the ground, with the client, during the initial quoting stage, for more than just a day can make a huge difference in end design requirements.

  • Simple clamps
  • Basic frames
  • Stairs and ladders
  • Conveyor systems
  • Piping system connection methods
  • Hardware specifications
  • Controls logic
  • HMI workflows
  • Not only sourcing local manufacturer and fabricators close to job sites but also matching their capabilities with design changes that work for both sides

Administrative Coordination 

Do you have design staff and management team stationed in US for a short period of time? The challenges that your staff faces with daily administrative tasks consumes their energy and attention. Little items like living accommodations, car rentals, car insurances, utility bills, cellphone sim cards, daily meals, taking care of deliveries, setting up wi-fi/hotspot, airport deliveries and many other tasks all detract your staff away from their main tasks, which is to complete the project at hand. Having a local administrative assistant can help in many ways and increase productivity for everyone on the team.