Forensic Services, Construction Claims and Litigation Support

Construction projects often take on a life of its own, and even the best plans may be derailed by unanticipated events that may result in the need for forensic investigations and claims analysis. Tricertus believes that the process starts with claims avoidance and management. The irony of a proactive stance to avoid forensic work is always appreciated by Owners when they see that the investment for a proactive stance ALWAYS beats the cost of a forensic investigation. If Tricertus did not get involved early enough and a forensic analysis is required, we provide experience and qualified experts to assist you in the preparation or defense of any dispute issues that occurred on your project.

Claims Consulting

Tricertus’ claims team is a knowledgeable group of experts with expertise handling a variety of claims such as

  • Construction Defects Analysis
  • Schedule Delays & Disruptions Analysis
  • Loss of Productivity Analysis
  • Damages Quantification
  • Claims Preparation
  • Change Order Analysis
  • Unforeseen & differing site conditions
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Construction Acceleration
  • Wrongful contract termination or suspension

By fielding an effective team that focuses on achieving the best result for you, Tricertus creates value for its clients by operating at a reasonable and affordable price. Our claims team will work with the client, attorneys, contractors and others to conduct a thorough breakdown and evaluation of the claims and assist the client through to the finish line.

Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support

Tricertus understands that no one wants to go through litigation due to the massive cost involved as well as the uncertainty of results, and works towards avoiding litigation through effective negotiation techniques. Should litigation be unavoidable, Tricertus’ team provides technical analyses and document discovery support to clients and their legal counsel. The team will assist in the preparation of issue files, graphics, presentations, interrogatories and depositions. Tricertus experts will provide expert witness testimony with detailed analyses prepared for the expert reports.

Cost and Damages Assessment

Tricertus in-house estimating staff works with the forensic and litigation experts to provide independent damages analysis and cost analysis that the client and contractor needs to accurately assess their actual damages. Properly prepared independent damages calculation and assessment assist our clients not only in justifying their claims or defending submitted claims, but also in arriving at a reasonable and acceptable negotiation amounts.

Delays and Disruption Analysis

Tricertus claims analysts and schedulers uses their extensive industry experience to evaluate the delays on your project. The knowledge and expertise in the schedule analyses allowed us to identify schedule manipulations and logic changes, and coupled with proper schedule analyses techniques, produces reasonable and defensible reports.

Lender Advisory

Tricertus understands that financial institutions have as much at risk in construction projects as owners and contractors, and are often the least informed party due to the lack of representation in the construction team. Tricertus’ Lender Advisory services utilizes the expertise that the company possess in the complete spectrum of construction to provide a comprehensive oversight for financial institutions so that they are able to assess their risks accurately.

Forensic Accounting and Construction Cost Audit

Tricertus’ team of CPAs and Construction experts perform complexed and detailed forensic accounting analysis to identify inaccuracies and inconsistencies on costs that were billed on the projects. Proper construction cost audit performed on project cost can help owners identify over-billings, overpayments and overhead rates. Tricertus also helps owners and contractors review and publish overhead rates consistent with FAR and state laws.