Proactive Services: Construction Management

Tricertus was founded to deliver successful projects for you by providing certainty through services tailored for your specific project needs.

“Certainty equates to knowing what the project will cost, when it will be done and how well it will be done”.

Our firm can provide schedulers, estimators, inspectors, field/office/resident engineers, contract administrators, project control experts, claim analysts, program managers, project managers and construction managers. Tricertus can provide additional support to whatever project or program to which we are assigned.

Program Management

You need a program management service that keeps the multiple projects in front of you, on time and on budget. Tricertus helps owners achieve the level of management and control required to make your program successful, to assist in the reduction of uncertainty in your capital programs. Tricertus begins by reviewing every detail of your program through properly set-up objectives, management control processes and standardization. We help you anticipate problems and resolve them before they become big issues. You need a complete team with Cost, Schedule and Quality capabilities for effective program management and Tricertus will customize that three-prong combination to suit your program.

Project Management and Construction Management

Tricertus aims to create a customized and complete solution to project and construction management challenges for your project by providing certainty that the project is delivered without surprises, within the time allowed and within the budget. Tricertus can provide project managers adept at managing a project from inception all the way through the close out phase or construction managers that will focus on the construction and close out phases. Every project manager and construction manager that Tricertus places on a project is highly qualified and has the appropriate experience and credentials for the type and size of the project.

Project Management Oversight

Tricertus Project Management Oversight (PMO) is a function that aims to provide an objective system of reporting the performance of the project to the owner as well as its construction team and management team. Based on the demands of your project, Tricertus mobilizes specialists required to monitor the schedules, payment applications, progress reports and all other aspects of the construction process to provide a timely, customized and honest evaluation for you. These reports are coupled with recommendations and are designed to assist you in making informed and prudent decisions.

Claims Avoidance

Tricertus’ claims staff works in a preventive role on active projects to assist the project team to anticipate problematic issues and apply claims avoidance techniques to prevent the escalation of issues into major claims on the projects. Instead of putting a scheduler or document control person in the position like other companies, Tricertus ensures that the professional that we put in that position is an actual claims analyst with the necessary experience and knowledge to be effective.


Tricertus provides construction cost estimates at various design and construction phases in accordance to the client’s needs and demands. Highly experienced estimators assist Owners and Construction Managers by providing budgetary estimates, detailed estimates, change order estimates and Independent Cost Estimates (ICE) for their use. They are a crucial resource for a successful project as they provide certainty in your change order negotiations and claims preparation and avoidance efforts.


Tricertus’ schedulers support owners, general contractors, construction managers and program managers by providing Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, baseline schedule development, schedule reviews and analysis, schedule update and reviews, Time Impact Analysis (TIA), Resource and Cost Loading and Schedule Optimizations for pro-active management of the construction projects. Our schedulers also trained with our claims experts to provide schedules comparisons and analyses, schedule mitigations and various forensic analyses techniques for an enhanced role that they are equipped to provide for our clients.

Construction Inspection

Tricertus can provide construction inspection services for your transportation and infrastructure projects whether it is airports, bridges, roads or highways. We understand that along with cost and budget, quality control and assurance is paramount. Our field inspectors, field engineers, office engineers and resident engineers are highly trained and motivated to provide you with excellent service.

Document Control

On any program or project, a centralized and standardized means of housing and managing the various documents is essential to avoiding time and cost inefficiencies due to misplaced or misfiled documentation, incorrect tracking and inability to quickly located documents. Tricertus can provide document filing systems, file naming conventions and the trained personnel to set up the customized system and management of your documentation according to your needs.

Staff Augmentation

The resources required for successful projects are astronomical and the burden to have these resources in-house is often impractical and costly. Tricertus assists you by augmenting your management team with fully trained professionals that will fill in the gaps and goes above and beyond to adapt to your organization’s culture. This service allows the clients to complement their existing staff with experienced and flexible personnel without the long-term burden of adding employees for a limited duration.